Recruiting Suppliers
April 28, 2016

Build your team of Crew – The bigger your team the more money you will make. Remember you are the Sales Director of your team. You can recruit as many Sales Managers as you like. Your Sales Managers will also recruit their own team – these will be your Sales Reps. As an example – if you recruited 10 Sales Managers, and they each recruited 10 for themselves – that means you will have a Team of 110 Crew that you will share in all sales commissions from. If you recruited 20, and they each recruited 20 – you will have increased your Team to 420 Crew members. Wow-you could be earning a substantial regular income from this!

So – how do you get started?  

Face to face meetings – Tell all your friends and family about this unique and exciting Business that you have just joined, and that you are building a future Passive income that will enable you to live your Dream Lifestyle!

Either refer them to our website –, and tell them to fill in your referring id as their sponsor if they want to be part of the business OR

E-Mail them – Below is a sample e-mail you can use – (Copy & Paste my e-mail below – fill in their name and your personal referral id)

 Hi            , I have just come across an amazing new Opportunity to earn extra money. You can do this on a full-time or part-time basis.

This Business can be done from home, and all you need is access to a computer, the internet and a cell phone.

There are 3 income streams. What really excites me is that you are building your own business within the Sales Crew platform, and you are building up a Passive income which grows as your business grows.

The beauty about Sales Crew, is that you don’t actually have to sell anything! All you are doing is referring people looking for a specific product or service to 1 of our Partner suppliers. They contact your referral, and do the selling. For this you get paid a referral commission!

You are probably thinking – “ This sounds great, but what is the cost?”

There is no joining fee like with most of these types of opportunities. They only have an annual admin fee of R120 for 12 months membership. However – due to the fact that they have just launched in South Africa, they are offering the 1st 500 Crew members to join – Free membership for the 1st 12 months!

It’s a no-brainer – you have nothing to lose, but plenty to gain with Sales Crew! All you need is  commitment to your success and self-motivation. And who knows – maybe 5 years from now you may be relaxing on the beaches of the world with hundreds of thousands of Rands  of Passive income rolling into your bank account each month!  Living your Dream Lifestyle!

Please visit Spend some time going through the site. Please watch the 2 mins video on the Crew page. This will give you a good overview of the opportunity.

If you like it, and believe you can make a success of the opportunity, click on the Join tab and sign up as a Crew member.

Please fill in my referring id which is………………………to make sure that you are allocated to my team!

Please let me know if you have any questions. Also, let me know once you have joined.