Crew - How do I earn money as a Crew member?
  • There are 3 ways to earn money with Sales Crew:

Referring leads to suppliers, recruiting your own team and earning a percentage of the comm. earned by your whole team on leads they refer, and by getting Businesses to join as Suppliers.(Here you will earn 5% of all comm. paid by that supplier to Sales Crew!)

With these 3 income streams you can earn serious money if you are motivated, and build a good team for yourself.

Crew - How do I know how much money I have earned?
  • As a Crew member you will log into your back office, and you will see a running total of all comm. generated for the month to date.
Crew - Will I get assistance and support to help me succeed?
  • Absolutely! 1stly if you need help with anything on the system, you can send a message to support, and we will answer your questions and assist you. 2ndly – we will be sending you regular newsletters containing great ideas on how to grow your business and achieve great success with Sales Crew.
  • 3rdly, we will be setting up regular seminar and information sessions which will not only help you to grow with us, but will also be a great place to bring your potential recruits to meet with us.
Supplier - Can I advertise in more than 1 province?
  • Yes.
  • If you have branches in various provinces – you can get leads in more provinces or if you service clients nationally then you can link in with all provinces.