Sign up for an annual renewable membership with Sales Crew.
Crew members then familiarize themselves with the Suppliers on the Sales Crew platform and the commission incentive offered for leads that convert into sales.
Members may have certain categories of business that they may prefer to focus on, due to their background, experience and interests. They would thus place more focus on looking for leads for these businesses. However, Crew members who are alert to opportunities, could end up passing leads to all different business types, and earning commission from many sources.

Sales Crew membership is ideal for unemployed people who have the ability to connect buyers with sellers, and earn an income commensurate with the efforts put in.
It is also ideal for employed individuals who need to supplement their income on a part-time basis.

Crew commission structure:

We have put together a unique remuneration structure that enables you to leverage your efforts and earn a passive income! It works on a 3 tier networking system.

The easiest way of explaining is by way of an example:

Let’s say you refer a lead that generates R1000 commission –

You receive 40% ie. R400
Your sponsor (the person who recruited you) receives 20% ie. R200
His/her sponsor receives 10% ie. R100
The Supplier sponsor receives R50
Sales Crew keep 25% ie. R250.

What this means, is that you will be leveraging your time and efforts by recruiting as many Crew members as you like! Every Crew member that you recruit by getting them to sign up under your unique Crew ID number, will essentially be earning money for you. (Your level 1 Crew.)
In other words, for every lead that they refer that generates business for the Supplier – you will be earning 20% of the commission!
For every Crew member that your Level 1 members sign up, you will receive 10% of commission on concluded sales.
There is no limit to the amount of Crew members you recuit.
So the bigger your team, the bigger your earnings!
Example - Let's say you only recruit 15 Crew members in your team... These 15 each recruit 15... You will have a total of 15 + 225 = 240 Crew in your team. If each Crew member only generated an average of R1000 pm in commissions, your total team commission would be R240 000. You will personally earn R25 900 pm. Your earnings will increase as you grow your team, and as the average commission generated per Crew member increases!

For every Supplier that you personally bring on - board, you will receive a bonus of 5% on all commissions paid out by that Supplier – even if the referral was not from your Crew members!!!

When you are wanting a product or service yourself, submit your details to the supplier as you would a normal lead. By doing this, you are generating income for your up line and yourself!

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