Sign up for an annual renewable membership with Sales Crew.

The Supplier then posts an advert on the site in the region where he/she operates. The advert will detail the products/services offered by the company.
Details of commission payable on sales by Sales Crew are posted. The commission could be a fixed amount per sale, or a % of the sales price. (The higher the incentive, the more Sales Crew will be motivated to look for and refer leads!)

The Supplier has his own back office on the Sales Crew site, where all leads will be sent for action, and converting to sales.

The Supplier then records the feedback on each lead received. (ie. No sale/Sale, Sales value, Commission payable.)
Sales Crew then invoice the Supplier for commissions payable.

For the Supplier, the cost of acquisition of a client is thus very low. You are not paying “per click” or “per lead,” you are only paying “per sale!”
Membership of Sales Crew will increase your salesforce dramatically in a very cost effective manner, giving you more leads, and hence enabling you to increase your turnover and profits!
Supplier admin fee is only R600 for annual membership!
(suppliers membership is subject to approval by Salescrew management.)

Sign up for an annual renewable membership with Sales Crew

Crew members then familiarize themselves with the Suppliers on the Sales Crew platform and the commission incentive offered for leads that convert into sales.

Sales Crew membership is ideal for unemployed people who have the ability to connect buyers with sellers, and earn an income commensurate with the efforts put in.